Saturday, 28 May 2011

Teenage Dream

How many clothes did you own growing up? When I was a teenager my Mum bought the majority of my clothes and I occasionally borrowed clothes from my sister. All my teenage clothes fitted into one wardrobe and the door actually closed. Not owning that many clothes meant I had to be creative with what I had.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Power of One - the LBD does summer

The Power of One

With all this talk of deficits, cuts and job losses times seem pretty troublesome. Your money may have been spent before it hit your bank account but you still want some new clothes. New clothes are a form of therapy, a social event and a guilty pleasure all rolled into one. People notice when you have new clothes. Colleagues eye you up as a stroll into the office and corner you by the photocopier, touching the sleeves of your new silk shirt or the belt of your stylish trench coat. You feel different in new clothes. A bit more confidant, a bit less ordinary.

So all in all we'd rather not give up our new clothes, ta very much Mr. Chancellor man George Osborne. But if your bank balance really won't stretch to that new H&M maxi which would be perfect for summer, where can you get some new clothes from instead?

Your very own wardrobe.

You'd be surprised what you can achieve with limited resources.

Just take your LBD: Trusty. Safe. Stylish. Usually reserved for a night out paired with heels and a jacket your Little Black Dress is a great place to start to create new outfits:

  1. Style it for spring / summer (denim shirt, tan belt, gladiator flats)
  2. Swap it for a skirt (style it with a top, belt and heels)
  3. Slouch (throw a cardigan over the top for a weekend comfy classic)
  4. Tuck it in to trousers (but watch out for the VDL – Visible Dress Line)