Monday, 27 June 2016

5 women who are rocking my world this week

Image from Body Posi Panda website

1. Body Posi Panda - ON MY GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! I found her Instagram account this week and was blown away by her message of self-love. I'm getting pretty sick of the airbrushed images we are subjected to in magazines, and all the so called "perfect" lives displayed around us on social media and Megan, the Body Posi Panda is a breath of fresh air. In the summer months where every magazine cover screams "lose weight" "get beach ready", this website tells it like it is: you are good enough exactly as you are.

2. Oprah's Super Soul Sunday - this has been rocking the world for a good few years now. Created by Oprah so she could have the kind of conversations she wanted to have, the full episodes, shorts and You Tube clips provide a nourishing and thought provoking space for questions about spirituality.

Image taken from Smart Girls website

3. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls - "An organisation dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves" is the official blurb but this site offers so much more: 

"We emphasize intelligence and imagination over “fitting in.” We celebrate curiosity over gossip. We are a place where people can truly be their weird and wonderful selves. We are funny first, and informative second, hosting the party you want to attend."

There's a YouTube channel stuffed full of awesome videos and I especially LOVE the Ask Amy videos where she covers: love, crushes, negativity, anxiety and my favourite, Bodies. Listen from 1:50 for the body confidence moment of clarity!

4. Elizabeth Warren - Any woman that stands up the orange buffoon that is Donald Trump deserves a mention in my book! Her Twitter feed calls Trump out over and over: taxes, Wall Street, student loans, his position on the minimum wage.

"Hillary Clinton will be the next president because she knows what it takes to beat a thin-skinned bully who is driven by greed and hate."

5. Lisa Lister - Exploring the blood and guts of being a woman, Lisa encourages us to have a "bloody conversation" about our menstrual health. She's got a cracking book out on 5th July called Love Your Lady landscape published by Hay House, which you can pre-order as I type. She's a taboo lifting author of awesomeness.

Til next time..x

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A TV and Radio Presenter - step forward The Wardrobe Angel

Getting ready to film with Michael from Always Wear RedWearing a Maje dress and Zara kids bomber. 

An old manager of mine used to say "blowing your own trumpet plays a very bitter tune" then laugh and say "bollocks! If you've done something you're really proud of, you should tell people." I know people who are so good at sharing all the exciting things that are happening in their life but in a non-bragging sort of way. After you've left the conversation with them you think 'oh WOW. They are so talented.' (And you want to weep a little bit because you think you aren't as talented.)

Well, since Rich and I returned from our honeymoon 3 really exciting things happened:

I got my own radio show, was offered a TV show and was asked to contribute to a book about wardrobes.

Let's break this down. First, my radio show. On honeymoon I made 3 promises to myself, 1 of which was to trust my gut. I'd been aware of Phoenix Radio for a while and I've had their website open on my phone for months but it never felt like the right time to contact them. After 1 day back at my desk I rang them, told them what I wanted to do and headed down for a meeting. At the end of the meeting I was offered a slot on Tuesday mornings, a slot which had only become vacant the day before. HELLO SYNCHRONICITY! My show features awesome guests who are running their own businesses and doing awesome things.

Amazing headphone game, if I do say so myself!

Secondly, the TV show. I owe this to a man I have never met: Michael from Always Wear Red, a fantastic accessories brand. We've chatted on the phone, followed each other on Social Media but never met in person. He'd been approached to appear on a new TV show called Fashion House, a show which didn't have a presenter. He recommended me, they loved my YouTube videos and the rest is history; filming started last week. I get to chat to stylish people in their wardrobes and try on their clothes.

Thirdly, the book. It's being pulled together by a couple of fashion academics I know:

"The wardrobe is an under-investigated space within the fashion and clothing system, below the radar of many traditional academic disciplines and also popular culture."

I've wanted to be a successful broadcaster for as long as I can remember and the events that have transpired over the past 3 weeks are the seeds of years of hard work, making connections and having a true intention and trusting that it will happen. So, toot toot! This week I'm blowing my own trumpet.

Til next time...x
The Wardrobe Angel

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Things I'm looking forward to in #June!

Dial up your workwear game with a Cecily dress

So we are nearly half way through 2016!! Crikey - how time flies. This month sees the manifestation of a couple of long held dreams when it comes to my business, The Wardrobe Angel.
  1. First up we have me landing a radio show! I did student radio when I was a first year at Nottingham University and loved it. Since then I've been invited to talk about all things wardrobes on BBC Radio Leeds, Manchester and Humberside. Now I have my own show on a Tuesday morning from 9-12 noon on Phoenix FM, talking to awesome people who are doing awesome things in awesome businesses. You can listen online, text in for shout outs and request songs. See you there - I'll be live every Tuesday from 7th June!
  2. Secondly I've been asked to contribute to a book about wardrobes. Erm, hello? How perfect is that?! The book's purpose is to investigate the space of the wardrobe: