Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ode to ASOS

Years ago when I was a graduate manager for M&S, my bi-weekly treat was a Tuesday off. I'd have a lie-in, go for a run then head into Manchester for a full day of shopping. Yes - a full day. I'd try on armloads of items, trekking back and forth to the fitting empty rooms, I'd saunter through the northern quarter and buy one-off jewellery pieces from Afflecks Palace, stop for a brew in one of the quirky cafes and spend huge portions of my pay check on Diesel jeans (which I still own and wear to this day, albeit for decorating!) I'd see how the fashion seasons were changing by what was on the shop floors and avidly drink in the styling techniques of the staff I encountered. The joy of those solitary Tuesdays and my love of shopping got me through a pretty hardcore year of suit encased management training.

12 years later and my solitary shopping trips have turned into a disappointing sad faced smiley: I don't love shopping in shops for me any more. And I know why;

 I love shopping for other people instead. 

Each venture to the shops is either to plan a Personal Shop or to 'keep my eye in'. I take copious notes and photos, clients receive numerous picture messages with recommendations for things for them to purchase, styling ideas and colour combination inspiration. When I try and shop for me in a shop, I soon find myself looking for things for clients instead. So where does that leave me? ASOS. Simply put ASOS has been my saviour this year. Trends change not only on the catwalk but also how we shop - more and more of us are shopping online. I'm late to the game but now I'm a fully paid up, card carrying member of the ASOS Next Day delivery service.

I had a week off last month and after 2 hours in the Trafford Centre trying to re-kindle that feeling of solitary shopping, I bought some birthday presents and got the hell out, drove back to my sofa and planned my winter wardrobe with a brew in hand and my Ipad on my knee. Two deliveries later and 1 pair of leather look culottes that smelt like fish swiftly sent back, my capsule winter wardrobe is done.

Thank you ASOS, from the bottom of my wardrobe.