Saturday, 30 July 2011

My Mission

So I've been blogging on here a while now and its about time I told you what I'm all about:

Increasing your wardrobe wearability

You spent good money on your clothes so instead of chucking them all away lets get some more use out of them! By re-using and re-working items you already own we can make more economic sense out of your clothes.  I utilise dress agencies, seamstresses and eBay to help you get more out of the clothes hanging in your wardrobe: more money, more ways, more wear.

Why buy more when you can buy better?

Shopping is fun and there are always times when you think 'I really want something new to wear' but what's the point of spending £10 or £20 on a top you are only going to wear once? If you know what staple items are missing in your wardrobe then you can shop specifically for them instead of chucking money away on things you don't need.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Great British Summer Wardrobe

Hi Wardrobe Angels

I am currently holidaying in the Isle of Wight; a slice of the Great British Summer Holiday at its best! If you are holidaying in GB this summer then your biggest adversary is the great (or otherwise) British weather. Yesterday I was sweltering in highs of 25, today it is drizzling, grey and chilly. Pub anyone?. So you have 1 holiday, 1 suitcase and a whole arsenal of changeable weather conditions to contend with. Welcome to the perfect Great British summer wardrobe:

  • Blue and white stripes. In any size. On any style top. The magic of packing some nautical style clothes is that they go with pretty much anything, they can be dressed up or down and can be layered really easily.
  • Tan accessories - belts/bags/shoes. Again - go with pretty much anything.
  • Jeans - skinny, flared or cropped. Flared don't work as well as their cropped companions whilst ferreting around in rock pools but they look great at night with a simple vest and flats or wedges.
  • Jacket - I saw a couple of Barbour jackets yesterday slung nonchalantly over shoulders. They were the wax jacket variety and looked great. I have settled for a beige mac. Classy!
  • Layering pieces - lambswool jumpers for warmth, hoodies for colour and casual, cardigans for evening.
  • Scarves - I LOVE a scarf. I wrapped a cotton H&M scarf round my chilly neck for some beach walks on Sunday (whilst sporting a hoodie and denim shorts) for that extra shot of ...glamour? Pattern? Interest? Well, yes, to all of the above. But most of all for warmth!
  • Maxi Dress - ticks all the boxes for evening. And works well with that cardie you packed. Just watch if you are taking that romantic walk at the sea edge - a soggy dress can't half kill the mood.
  • Use three main colours (e.g. black, blue, white) then add a couple of accent colours (e.g. red and turquoise). It makes packing a whole load easier and then all your separates work with pretty much anything else.
Bingo! Your Great British Summer Wardrobe simplified. Hae fun out there Angels!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Weekly Shop

Shopping can be a stress release, a bit of 'me'time and an absolute joy. Conversely it can also be a stressful, tiring and maddening experience. Depending which side of the fence you are on or if you are perched on the fence with a leg in each camp, here are 3 golden nuggets of retailing info you can use next time you are heading out to the Great British high street:
  • Shop as early as you can in the week, as early as you can in the day. Why? On their quietest day, Monday, shops spend the majority of the day recovering from their busiest trading period - the weekend. The rest of the week is dedicated to launching campaigns and window changes. As the week goes by and the shops get busier there will be more staff on the shopfloor but also more customers. Pick your day and time with care.
  • Staff will probably be less stressed at 9am in the morning because there are no customers and no queues at the till. They will probably be more inclined to help you at 9am rather than 5pm when they are knee deep in queues at the tills and fitting rooms.
  • New product hits the shopfloor before lunchtime. If you shop before 12pm you will find size ordered stock. Shopping After 12pm? Hello jumble sale.