Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Weekly Shop

Shopping can be a stress release, a bit of 'me'time and an absolute joy. Conversely it can also be a stressful, tiring and maddening experience. Depending which side of the fence you are on or if you are perched on the fence with a leg in each camp, here are 3 golden nuggets of retailing info you can use next time you are heading out to the Great British high street:
  • Shop as early as you can in the week, as early as you can in the day. Why? On their quietest day, Monday, shops spend the majority of the day recovering from their busiest trading period - the weekend. The rest of the week is dedicated to launching campaigns and window changes. As the week goes by and the shops get busier there will be more staff on the shopfloor but also more customers. Pick your day and time with care.
  • Staff will probably be less stressed at 9am in the morning because there are no customers and no queues at the till. They will probably be more inclined to help you at 9am rather than 5pm when they are knee deep in queues at the tills and fitting rooms.
  • New product hits the shopfloor before lunchtime. If you shop before 12pm you will find size ordered stock. Shopping After 12pm? Hello jumble sale.

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