Sunday, 26 June 2011

Talking of Autumn/Winter...

Before I hit the sales I always check what is up and coming in the fashion calendar. Weird right? Its like looking back to go forward. But some crafty retailers drive out old sale stock from previous seasons to make us think it's new. That's why you see winter coats kicking around on the sale racks in June. If you have the time it really is worth a good rummage- especially when you have identified key colours from the new trends.

Summer Sale Season

Hello Wardrobe Fans, long time no see!

So in the UK the mid-season sales are crawling like a rash up and down a high street near you. What better time to spend some hard earned cash? With government spending cuts, job losses and the wash-out British weather the power really is in the hand of the consumer - retailers are desperate to clear through their slow moving summer lines in readiness for Autumn/Winter stock. So here are my top sale buying tips:

1. Make a list of what you need before you go. Going in blind will undoubtedly whip you into panic buying mode.
2. Think about wearability - WHEN & WHY will you wear your sale items? It's great if you got a North Face fleece for £20 but how often do you actually go walking (except to the bus stop).
3. Avoid high fashion items - I call them One Season Wonders. Look at the racks of sale items really carefully. If the rack is full of 1 type of item do not buy it! No-one wanted it at full price so don't be seduced by the price tag. Move along!
4. Always look at shoes and accessories. Some retailers (including New Look) launch their footwear and accessory sales before their clothing sales. I LOVE finding unique shoes in the sales - if you have an event coming up the sales are a great place to look.
5. Make sure you understand the refund policy. Most retailers are EXCHANGE ONLY on sale items so try before you buy.

Happy Shopping Wardrobe Fans!!