Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Wardrobe Angel and Coconut Hair Oil

Like she just stepped out of a salon...Salon Selectives!

Last week I had a coconut oil hair treatment - the 1st step on the long road to hair recovery. I got in the car afterwards and snapped this super cool selfie. Like I just stepped out of a salon or WHAT?! For a day I was blessed with the kind of locks that dreams are made of - silken, smooth, frizz free. I felt like a million bucks, baby! I specifically asked for no hair straighteners after the treatment so this was the blow dried result.

My hair dresser did allay my fears that I'd utterly cocked up my crowning glory,

"Your hair is not in bad condition," Chantelle said running her hands through the tangle of Brian May locks pre-treatment, "your hair has a real depth of colour considering that's your natural hair colour."

Preaching to the converted sister! If it's not all bad then it's just the frizz to work on. A couple of days after the treatment my hair was still silky and completely grease free but the frizz was back - not as bad as before - but noticeably back. I snapped this pic below in &Other Stories. What I have noticed is that the natural wave in my hair is ever so creeping back and I am LOVING IT!! Can you see the little waves creeping around the side of my face? When I wore my down and long in my late 20's it had a slight natural wave to it so it's a pleasant surprise to see it return.

Wearing a magnificent 80's dress from eBay, leather jacket (4 years old and counting), boots from ASOS and cross body bag from Aurora London

I have been digging around on the great world wide web and apparently shampoo with sulphates can make your hair frizz worse so I hot-footed it to Boots yesterday and spent the best part of half an hour reading the back of bottles to find a sulphate free shampoo. Discovered Kind Natured which is free from chemical nasties so I'll let you know how I get on with that over the coming week! The reviews online aren't particularly glowing but, hey, can't win them all.

Til next time...Stay Wardrobe Happy!

The Wardrobe Angel