Friday, 9 December 2011

How to complain...and get a result

We all love a good moan about bad service we have received. When that person behind the cash desk just won't go that extra mile and you leave the shop feeling mightily pissed off ALL your friends, family, colleagues suddenly get to hear about it. It's well documented that when we receive bad service we readily tell 8 people but if we have good service we keep quiet about it.

After 7 years of working on the shop floor and being a shopper these are some tips I use to complain and get a result:

1. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS write to Head Office if you are displeased. If you ask to speak to a manager on the shop floor they will deal with you there and then. You'll get an 'I'm very sorry' but if you are really genuinely upset about service in the shop the apology just won't wash.
2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS write to Head Office if you are displeased. Now I have written this twice (and in CAPITALS no less) you will see its importance. I said WRITE. Not email. I always write. A letter shows you have taken the time to put pen to paper, to think about you want to say and write it in a logical and well thought out argument. An email can be dashed off in a hurry, a letter is a demonstration of your commitment to the complaint.
3. So what do you write? I always start by praising the company. You must love the shop a little bit to have been shopping in there in the first place. Tell them WHY you love them - the quality of clothes, the depth of product, the music they play. Everyone LOVES a compliment and retailers are no different.
4. After you've laid down the love, list the complaints - the member of staff was rude, your item on hold was sold to someone else, you can never find what you are looking for, how you were made to feel. Be as specific as possible but don't go overboard. Get your point across and tell the truth.
5. In the letter tell the retailer which shop you were in, which location, and the time. Service provided by retailers can vary widely depending on the time of day and how busy the shop is. Plus, if Head Office follow up your complaint with the store the manager will be able to pinpoint which staff were giving poor service. This is why you must tell the truth; if the member of staff you name and shame says you were rude to them, and you fail to mention this is your letter, the egg is on your face my friend.
6. Wish the retailer well - think of the letter as a complaint sandwich: love/complaint/love. Always include your address and phone number.

Let me know how you get on. Til next time ...x

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