Saturday, 7 July 2012

Get in my wardrobe you Preloved goodies!

There is a tantalising rail of designer goodies before my eyes: Vivienne Westwood, Malene Birger, See by Chloe, Luella, D&G, Maxmara….the rail goes on. I am in the Corn Exchange to meet Katie, the brain behind The Preloved Designer Sale.

Started 18 months ago in Brighton, The Preloved Designer Sale has mushroomed to locations in Kingston, London and most recently, Leeds. Katie also has plans to move the Designer Sale to Manchester in the not so distant future. But what is it? A cross between a flash sale and a really cool dress agency; the Sale is open for one week and one week only, in only one city at a time. You drop off your top end high street and designer treats on the a week before the sale and Katie prices them up. The sale opens on the Friday and continues on the Saturday and Sunday. You come back the following week to collect your cash (minus 50% commission) and pick up any unsold items.

The thing that strikes me is the quality of the garments which Katie takes to sell: pristine, hardly worn or tags still attached, on-trend. She patiently explains why she can’t take certain items to clients and carefully hangs and tags the garments she does take to sell. With such a friendly and approachable personality it is no wonder that Katie has built up a loyal client base including such leading Brighton lights as Zoe Ball and Susie Cave.

Definitely worth checking out, Katie offers a real alternative to people a bit wary of eBay: she can more often than not get a better price for a designer item and even though she takes 50% commission you don’t have to worry about listing your DVF dress and watching it sell for a pitiful £4.99. Find out more here: