Monday, 2 December 2013

The Recycle for Greater Manchester Fashion Show

Pure talent swept across the stage at MOSI last Wednesday night. Dresses made from newspaper, paper clips and train tickets rubbed shoulders with fantastic upcycled and re-cycled from the likes of Zolibeau

Much like when I spoke to Wayne Hemmingway (CLANG...massive name drop) before the Festival of Thrift, he said that no-one likes to have stuff rammed down their throat or be made to feel that what they do isn't good enough when it comes to recycling and upcycling. And it's a message that the guys at Recycle for Greater Manchester have picked up and run with. 

Commenting on the show, Sheridan Hilton, Waste Prevention Manager at Recycle for Greater Manchester said: “This is the third year of the upcycled fashion show and we are partnering with a range of fantastic and diverse organisations to inspire and encourage residents in Greater Manchester to upcycle and make the most of their clothes."

Yet there is work to be done: Manchester alone buys 90,000 tonnes of clothing each year but throws away over half of that - 59,000 tonnes - to make room for new purchases. The point of the evening for me was to show people that there is life in the old clothes yet and that chucking them in the bin should never be an option. 

Here are some fantastically fashion pictures taken on the night:

Adnan Bayatt dress 'Attachment' crafted from 40,000 paper clips. 

Wedding dress made entirely of newspaper closed the show.

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