Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Training Company Woes

Last week I was contacted by a training company who wanted me to "volunteer" to run a training session in conjunction with the Job Centre aimed at getting people back into work. This training course was going to be "the course that everyone wants to go on" "the best job seekers course out there." Great - I'm all for getting people back into work. We talked through some ideas of how the session would pan out and who it was specifically for then I asked "how do you get paid and how do I get paid?" The person from the training company went quiet, "We were wondering if you would volunteer a few hours."

On the surface this might seem like a reasonable request. A not-for-profit organisation has little cash to spare and they really are doing it for the greater good. But when a Government funded agency who pays the training company per each job seeker attending the course asks you to "volunteer" - well....here's my answer: How would the person organising this course from the training company feel if I asked her to pop into work and "volunteer" for a few hours? It's not just a few hours either: it's preparing the course training materials, buying anything necessary, practising the content for timing, re-writing bits that don't fit or work, practising and learning the materials so you deliver on what's expected of you.

And that's the reason for this blog post. I'm not one to pull out the "I'm running a business" chestnut and "how do you think I get paid?" golden nugget, even though they are both exceptionally awesome phrases, no. This is just a more basic understanding of people and more importantly, respect for the work people do. I am an expert in my field and when you book me you are paying not only for my time but for my expertise.

Here endeth the lesson.

Til next time...x

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