Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The UK's Only Authentic Dating Coach

A few weeks ago one of my clients gave me a call to tell me about his new and very awesome business. He is an excellent business coach but had decided to laser focus his skills and become UK's only Authentic Dating Coach. Now, this made my Wardrobe Angel ears prick up - I could have done with Jamie 2 years ago when I started dating again after a 4 year absence from the dating 'scene'.

I remember the fear of getting ready for that first date, the annoyance when what I had planned in my head didn't work out in my reflection, the scrambling for the ironing board as I had to hurriedly iron another t-shirt to wear watching the clock seep time as I watched the minutes slip away until it was time to set off. Man, I am in a cold sweat just replaying those moments in my mind....luckily that first date lead to good things and Rich and I are now engaged.

Dating can be a minefield but after 5 minutes of chatting to Jamie I realised that it needn't be. How many of us go into a date with a:

  • Purpose
  • Outcome
  • Vision

I certainly never did. But going on a date is like heading into any meeting - when you meet a friend you already know the things you want to talk about, even if it is as loosely determined as a "catch-up", when you head into a business you have an agenda, a vision of what a good end to the meeting will be, and an idea of what a bad ending will be. So what has this got to do with Style?


Your style is your visual signature, your way of telling the world who you are without speaking, Your clothes are the most powerful tool to tell your UNIQUE story. I have always been, and will always be, a dramatic dresser. On my first date with Rich I wanted to be 'me' but I instinctively knew that my bold red lip and black rimmed specs had the potential to intimidate so I left them at home. I wore pink high waisted trousers, however, teamed with a navy t-shirt writ large with white writing, sky high wedges and a gold clutch bag. My drama didn't go anywhere but I let a more natural 'me' shine through by wearing less make-up: I wanted Rich to see me (Stephanie), not The Wardrobe Angel (my business).

I told Jamie this story and he agreed - if your dating purpose is to meet your soulmate then you have to be 'you' - you can't hide behind props or wear things that aren't 'you' otherwise you aren't telling your story.

With Christmas fast approaching no doubt you have a slew of parties, work events and meals out to attend. Maybe you are looking for someone to snog under the mistletoe, maybe you are looking for a 1 night stand, maybe you want this season to bring you your soulmate. Whatever you want, be clear about it, define it, and go after it wearing clothes that tell people who you are.

For more info on Jamie's fabulous coaching business please click here for his website. Also check out his blog (please click here) where he gives good counsel and inspiring advice in equal measure. And keep your eagle eyes peeled for our series of Vlogs coming very soon - that's right! The Wardrobe Angel and The UK's Only Authentic Dating Coach will be puttin down all our wisdom on dating and clothing for you all to see. 

Lucky you. 

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