Monday, 24 August 2015

My favourite bits off of the internet this week

I'm in a weird limbo between coming back from holiday, my busiest business month (hello September!) and the home stretch before my wedding (6 weeks to go!). I've been trotting around the world wide web looking for super cool stuff and found some super cool stuff to share:

1. I made a new friend recently. Her name is Lisa Clifford and her business as a transformational coach is extraordinary. Beg, borrow and steal, or just pay her, to come and do a workshop for you and your business.

2. I spent many-a-summer raving in Ibiza in my 20's. I love a good dance choon and if any one out there can tell me of a super cool place where a 34 year old woman can groove the night away listening to Cafe Del Mar tracks, I am all ears. In lieu of that information I urge you to listen to the Radio 1 Ibiza Proms - just stunning to here well worn dance tracks re-spun with classical instruments.

3. I first came across Amy Schumer on Comedians in Cars getting coffee; she was hilarious. Now she has written and starred in her own film, Trainwreck, and the trailer is AWESOME.

4. In July I filmed my TV Pilot. I know. HUGE DEAL. The date for the first pilot fell through, I had under a week to re-organise my guests, as well as packing for holiday and organising my wedding. Katie Portman from the wonderful blog Pouting in Heels agreed to come and get involved.

Please note - we had never met

I messaged her on Instagram, emailed her the show details and she shared her time and experience in spades for her interview. She went all-in and showed up in the pouring rain, gave some awesome chat and was beyond patient when the filming ran behind. THANK YOU Katie - you awesome woman, you. Check out her fantastic blog Pouting in Heels

5. I had my 4th business anniversary at the start of August. The Marketing Doctor sums up the effort which self-employment takes and the amazing rewards in this heart felt blog post.

6. My sister made me an auntie for a 3rd time earlier this year to a beautiful baby niece. Recently I have become more and more aware of the blue/pink clothing stereotyping in shops and it has really been getting me down. I found salvation on Instagram when I stumbled up No Pink Please - a unisex clothing brand for children which is beyond cool. Check out their It's a Baby vest - amazing!

7. For over 6 years I've been delving into the world of spirituality. Gabrielle Bernstein's vlogs are a dose of enlightenment which could make all the difference to your day.

8. My wedding is in 6 weeks. After getting engaged last November we have had less than a year to plan our nuptials but one of the 1st decisions we made was to hire Anna Hardy as our wedding photographer. I am so excited she'll be sharing our day with us.

9. And finally 2 Buzz Feed crackers. Love Harry Potter? See how this cartoonist reckons Dumbledore was less than responsible in this Headmaster role at Hogwarts.

10. How Posh was Your School? I scored 22. How did you do?

Have an immense rest of week!

Til next time...x


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! It was a total pleasure and I loved every second. Best of luck with all of your exciting current developments! x


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