Thursday, 1 September 2016

Things I'm Looking Forward to in #September

Hey there September! My, you came around fast! It's back to school month and the steady slide into the Christmas season has begun! So what has the 9th month of the year got in store for me....
  1. My family is spread from Yorkshire, to North London, to Reading and back around to Hertfordshire so twice a year we have a family day where we meet up, chat and have good times plus loads of food. This year saw my Mum & Dad celebrate their Ruby wedding anniversary so they've laid on a tasty spread at the September family day. Cannot wait!
  2. Getting back into the swing of WI (Women's Institute) talks. Got 2 booked this month. Love the vibe of the WI and I love the cake at the end of a meeting.
  3. Going to see Amy Schumer. I'm a huge fan of Tina Fey, Amy Phoeler and Tig Notaro and loved Schumer's Trainwreck film last year. Schumer's comedy is on point about aspects of the female experience - how she feels being "plus sized" in Hollywod (she says her arms register as legs in Tinseltown) and the double standard of men sleeping around vs. women. 
  4. Researching tights. 3 clients in the past week have asked me what tights go with what. Now, as a fan of a bare leg or a thick black tight and nowt in between, this month I am determined to crack the tights 'code'.
  5. Learning to relax.  Blogging, Instagram and outfit posts all took a hit in August. Behind the scenes at Wardrobe Angel I experienced a huge uplift in business: August was fully booked with appointments and it's heading that way into September as well. Being self-employed, you pretty much take the work when it's there but carving out time off can be hard. I was taught the most beautiful, simple action of placing my right hand over my heart and breathing deeply by Katy Garner, a wonderful Yoga coach. That coupled with regular meditation has helped me tremendously with being able to switch off and get a good nights sleep!
I hope you have a cracking September, whatever you are doing.

Til next time....

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