Monday, 14 January 2019

And then I became a mum and my whole world changed...

Running my business, The Wardrobe Angel was my joy, not my job. I inspired, motivated and advised people on what to put in to their wardrobes and, more importantly, what to take out and why. I loved bringing clients back to their authenticity and awesomeness. I loved organising, cleaning and decluttering client’s wardrobes, helping them extend the life and style of their wardrobes and promoting sustainability.

I produced, researched and presented my own weekly radio show on Phoenix FM and I’ve filmed my first TV show called Fashion House. I wrote a monthly style column in the national magazine Sewing Made Simple showing readers how to get more wear out of what they sew. I appeared on ITV and was a regular contributor on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Humberside on matters of style, our changing fashion industry and body image. 

And then I became a mum and a my whole world changed

No-one can prepare you for motherhood and even if you were sat down and told in great detail what to expect, you wouldn't believe what you heard. So what's changed? Everything. When Erin arrived in 2017 my world turned upside down and inside out - I felt I was wearing my heart, my feelings, the whole inside of me on the outside all the time. I felt vulnerable and excessively joyful all the time. Nearly 18 months on I am kinder, more open, quicker to laugh and quicker to cry. 

The contradictions of motherhood are writ large on the face: 
deep laughter lines around my mouth, crows feet and bags under my eyes. 

My head and heart are full or Erin, so full that the thought of returning to work gave me anxiety attacks. I felt so far removed from clothes, fashion and style that it would've been disingenuous to start styling again; when you run your own business your head and heart have to be in it 100%.  And so, with the birth of Erin, the styling side of my business has ceased. 

Deep breath 

On New Years Eve 2018 I let it go - a Facebook post and a blog on my website announced the changes, behind the scenes I wrote to all my best clients to let them know. I received support from friends, past clients and colleagues. It is my firmly held belief that the Universe has my back and that moving forward with blogging and writing, no matter how scary, will work out because the Universe wants it and so do I. My sidestep into a not so new career (I've been blogging and writing for years) will take me where it will, but all from my desk so I can work from home and be the mum I want to be for Erin.

Thank you for reading my blog over the years. I'll pop back with more news soon.

With much love and kindness

Stephanie x

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