Work With Me

What do you do?

I'm the creator behind Wardrobe Angel, an award winning styling and wardrobe consultancy business. I’m also a blogger and Brand Consultant. I’ve appeared on ITV extolling the virtues of clothes swapping and upcycling and have been invited on BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Manchester to talk about the advantages of having Dress Codes at work. I also have my own radio show on Phoenix FM talking to awesome people doing awesome things in the world of business.

Who have you worked with?

Morrisons, Boots, Bravissimo and Pure Collection Cashmere to name but a few. I have connections to many retailers and independents built up over 12 years in the fashion industry. 

What do you drink?

Tea. I'm teetotal.

Can we send you some stuff?

By stuff do you mean things to review? Of course! If they fit with my Wardrobe Angel brand ethos of sustainability and awesome wardrobes then go ahead. I particularly love 80's vintage...

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