Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shop staff - the font of all knowledge

Shop Assistants

I always keep my eyes peeled when out shopping, especially where staff are concerned. They convey so much info about the brand they work for. So…what can you learn from shop assistants?

1.       Shop assistants generally get a uniform allowance or a certain percentage off clothes to wear as uniform. This allowance isn’t a bottomless pit so staff have to make their clothes last. Look at the wear and tear on the clothes they are wearing: bobbling, piling, holes, tears, shrinkage, loose threads. The staff have worn and washed, worn and washed. What better way to see the quality you are about to invest in?

2.       Same applies if you are visiting a footwear retailer look for the feet of the staff: scuffs, cracked leather, and gaping soles. Each staff member has probably spent the best part of 8 hours a day on their feet so the shoes will be a kiss and tell testament to their quality.

3.       If you are a regular shopper and visit the same shops you will get to know the staff. See how the staff style their clothes: do they dress up or down? What footwear and accessories do they use? How do they style their hair? This is all inspiration for you and it’s FREE.

4.       If the staff members aren’t wearing the clothes from the retailer they are working for you have to ask yourself - why not? Some companies have uniforms (M&S, supermarkets) but high street fashion retailers will more often than not ask their staff to dress in line with their mission statement. If the clothes aren’t being displayed for free (i.e. on the bodies of the staff) this could boil down to a number of reasons – quality, fit, expense, value for money. Think carefully about putting your hand in your pocket and paying for them.
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