Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I sell things for clients on eBay. My tips for successful selling? Feast your bargain hungry eyes:
  • Do your research. How much are similar items selling for? Branded goods sell better than non branded goods.
  • Great photo. This means good lighting, clean floor or carpet and a backdrop clear of clutter. You can add up to 12 photos but just make sure each photo adds something new and shows a potential customer the real detail of the garment.
  • Competitive pricing. With the economy the way it is every penny counts so starting with a high bidding fee may put customers off. Your customers also have to pay postage and packaging, so bear this is mind when listing your items. But don't under sell because after taxes and listing fees you won't be left with a lot.
  • Descriptions which actually describe. This is your chance to really sell your item: fit, cut, quality, washing instructions. If you were on a market stall shouting your wares what would you say? Your customers can't feel or touch the item so your words have to do it for them. I give customers tips on how to style and wear the item they are bidding on.
  • Packaging. I used to just pop items in the post but now I hand wrap each one, add a business card and thank the customer for shopping with me. I want my customers to feel like it's Christmas when my package arrives through the door. A Wardrobe Angel Christmas!
Let me know how you get on. Til next time ...x

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