Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dress Agencies Darling

My Mum used to take things to dress agencies when I was little. My cousin Charlotte got married and my Mum bought these pink shoes. As soon as the wedding was over she bundled them back into the box and whisked them off.

Dress agencies are having a revival in the current economic climate. Cinderella's Dress Agency in Stockport was heaving last week, with clothes and stock. With labels such as Whistles and Hobbs at tantalising prices it's no wonder you couldn't move in there for happy punters gleaning the racks for bargains.

And bargains they are - depending on the type of dress agency and the stock they sell. Cinderellas sells dresses for around under £20 and tops for under £15. These are recent items - I spotted a Whistles dress from last season for £18 - in good nick and only slightly second hand/gently worn...whatever you want to call it.

Don't get excited though, filling bin liners full of your clothes thinking you are going to make yourself a wad of cash. Dress Agencies operate on a 50/50 commission basis. They sell your dress for £20, you get £10 and the agency takes £10. Why? They have staff to pay, rates and rent. They are running a business and your clothes are the cogs in a well oiled machine. The reason so many dress agencies have stood the test of time is because they know what their regular punters like: what they will wear and what they won't. Fill the shop with rubbish and they can kiss that season's trade goodbye. They are like successful local boutiques who know their customer inside out, are confidant in their stock and give great customer service.

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