Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sexy Waste

That got your attention. Except it’s not sexy, is it? All those coffee cups from your morning latte, the plastic packaging holding two slices of bread and limp lettuce leaf, the water bottle you use at the gym…I could go on. Think back to yesterday and all the waste you generated. All those by-products of modern life, where did they go? The bin. And where does that go? The bin lorry. And where does that end up? My bin lorry turns left out of my street but after that I have no clue.

There’s a real disconnect between what we throw away and knowing what happens to it. The UK produces around 280million tons of waste a year: 40% is recycled or composted, 48% of household waste ends up in landfill. And landfills are not a bottomless pit.

If we all re-used a bit more we would cut down on waste. What a fab by-product: less waste. And less waste equals less landfill.

Want to learn more? Recycle for Greater Manchester is hosting a week of events targeting waste reduction. Handily entitled ‘Watch your Waste’ week (and not to be confused with dieters watching their waists), you can go along to sewing and cooking classes for FREE to learn new skills which will help reduce the amount of waste you generate. Just sign up in advance to guarantee your free place. And lord knows we all love a freebie.

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