Sunday, 12 February 2012

Handbag Makeover (Part Two)

So I am waiting with trepidation at my front door for my Miu Miu to be returned. It’s been one week and the separation anxiety I have had from my beloved bag has been intense to say the least. Other bags have been unearthed from my bag box and put to good use but none have caused my heart to stray.
The bag is sent recorded delivery, insurance included, from George so it is traceable and there is little worry of it being “lost” in the post. As I open the box and view my beloved bag for the first time I literally burst into tears – the repairs are simply remarkable: the hinge has been fixed, it closes and opens with ease (where previously it was a battle) and the pink silk lining is clean. CLEAN!

(I will put some pics up here so you can be sure this post is a BS free zone but BELIEVE me! This dude can fix bags!!!)
I am straight on the phone to George professing thanks and offering my first born in return.
I guess if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. But if it is go to Handbag Makeover.

Til next time...x

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