Monday, 27 February 2012

To dye or not to dye ... that is the question

To dye or not to dye…that is the question

So on my journey of getting the most out of my clothes I discovered some trousers in the back of the wardrobe which I LOVE but god knows why I bought them in beige. They fit in the Sport Luxe trend and I want to get my monies worth so I decide I am going to dye them black (and throw another pair of black trousers in for a refresh whilst I have the machine on). Now I am not a typically crafty person: I broke the sewing machine at school and I can barely sew a button so this task I have decided to embark upon is a pretty big deal for me.
The only dyeing I have ever done is my hair (Sun-In on brown locks only makes them ginger) and a tie-dye t-shirt at junior school which was a heavily supervised experience. So…off to John Lewis I go to get some dye. If you want your primary colours and fairly ‘average’ shades then the Dylon range at good old JL is perfect. The packet promises me it is (and I quote) “EASIER THAN EVER” and “EASY BREEZY” (accompanied by an image of a flying kite). We’ll see about that.
I read and re-read the instructions and eventually the trousers and the dye go in the machine. As the cycle starts and water oozes in, I daren’t look. I am seriously scared I have wrecked the washing machine: the drum on the machine is pitched black with dye. I scurry into the lounge… and hide.
After the requisite two cycles have finished I gingerly open the machine – the original black trousers are a deep black. The beige trousers are a grey marl colour. Ok…not what I expected but that grey colour suits me and it will give me even more dressing options rather than having two pairs of identical black trousers. After the initial shock that a) the machine isn’t broken and b) the dye has worked, I re-read the packet and realise that the dye only dyes one shade darker so I really should’ve realised that cream to black wasn’t going to happen. Anyway, the dye has washed well, there are no patches and the colour is even. So it really was Easy Breezy.
I check for staining on the machine….the inside of the machine is clean but the rubber rim has smears of black dye on it. Reaching for the Mr. Muscle I clean the last of the dye away and my washing machine is back to its former glory. Phew. And I have two frankly awesome pairs of trousers. Thanks Dylon!

Got my fashion pout on there, didn't I?!

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