Friday, 30 March 2012

How to Shop at H&M

As you may have worked out if you stop by here regularly I talk about H&M a LOT. I love H&M. Love, Love, Love H&M. I hold my hands up – my allegiance has been noted. I worked there for over 3years and I love the brand, the company and the clothes.
But it wasn’t always like that. Previously to working for them I HATED shopping in there. I owned 1 thing (a navy blue long sleeve top) from them. Purely because I didn’t understand how they laid their shops out and who their target customer was. But once I started working for them I was hooked. And I still am. I could spend hours in there.
More than half the women who have come to The Wardrobe Angel for a touch of my wardrobe magic hate shopping at H&M but once I have explained the different labels on offer there they are converted. Well, not to the same obsessive level I am but at least they have the confidence to shop there now.
So, let’s do this! H&M. Explained.
Women at H&M:
1.       Divided Black and Divided Red – the colour of the mannequins is bright, the prints are garish and the styling is a bit ‘out there’. Some shops lead in with this range (Leeds) but this depends on their target market. Targeting the teenagers among, the Divided Black range can be wonderfully weird, the Divided Red range is more casual with a proliferation of hoodies and denim.

2.       H&M – your basic range showcasing styles that are far from ‘safe’ but not exactly cutting edge. Used to be called ‘Hennes’. Most shops lead in with this range (Manchester).

3.       Modern Classic – great for suiting and classic styles of clothes.

4.       Trend – Only stocked in super awesome shops (Manchester). It has a tendency to move around on the shopfloor as it is a small department. Heavily trend lead, you can always get the latest on-trend items from this section. Last time I checked it has a beige label.

5.       LOGG – For all you comfort seekers out there this range contains the joggers and sweatpants.

6.       LOGG SPORT – a bit more hard-core, this range even has sports bras and items suitable for a spot of yoga.

7.       Shoes and accessories – Absolutely great for costume style jewellery. On-trend and chic as hell.
 Any questions? You know where to find me. Til next time...x

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