Saturday, 14 April 2012

Me, my man legs and the Manchester Marathon

This month I will be mostly focusing on completing the Manchester Marathon in one piece. In the process of marathon training not only have I split a pair of skinny jeans (just call me The Hulk), gained what can only be described as "man legs" - my calves are now 14" in circumference, I kid you not, I have been forced to wear a highly unattractive high visibility vest for "safety" reasons. But this is all in the name of charity. I am running for The Birdhouse Fund, a registered charity which sits under the umbrella of the Forever Manchester charity. They are a FANTASTIC charity giving vulnerable women a much needed step-up in life. They especially help women who have been the victims of domestic violence. 

Have you ever had to go cap in hand to a charity to ask for help? No? Then please spare a thought and £5 for the women who have and donate here at my Just Giving Page.


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