Monday, 14 May 2012

Black White Denim

When I look through my clients’ wardrobes the one thing I am looking for is character: pieces that really shout about the personality of the client in question, pieces that really reflect who they are. Sometimes I find one thing, sometimes 5 or 6 things. When I show them to the client they will say “I love that wearing that” or “I always get compliments when I wear that.” I start from these key pieces and clear out the wardrobe in question accordingly. Many are confused by fashion; by the pace at which is moves, the speed at which it changes, the amount on offer, what is appropriate for them and what is not. Fashion is a maze and I take my clients on their journey through fashion and style one wardrobe at a time.

Black White Denim has a similar theory – decoding fashion for women. The shop in Wilmslow is a concept boutique which is a mecca for key pieces: the pieces which hang in your wardrobe season after season but pay their rent on your rail by offering you wear after wear after wear. These items are Black White Denim’s fashion code, their success story. And the best thing? Everything goes together.  One of the most frequent things I see is a wardrobe full to bursting with lots of standout pieces but nothing which ties everything together, hence the cry “I have nothing to wear!” Jo’s vision of a boutique – accessible and friendly – provides the building blocks to start making items in your wardrobe come together, whatever your age and style.