Friday, 15 March 2013


A properly fitted bra can literally help you drop a dress size, not to mention improving your posture and making you feel supported at the same time. So how did I get on with my bra fitting? Well, I was pretty confident I was wearing the correct bra size but once I was in the fitting room with my top whipped off I felt …well…vulnerable. Was I wearing the wrong size? The wrong cup? My mind was a heady mix of bra confusion as I tried to remember the date of my last fitting. Surely in the past year? This was the Boob School examination – was I going to pass the test?

I was running through the 7 classic bra faux pas pretty sure I wasn’t guilty of the Side Boob, the High Rider, the Big Stand Off and the Ledge but since I stopped training as much after my marathon I have put on a tiny bit of weight on my boobs. Oh dear lord! Was I guilty of the dreaded Quadraboob? Or worst still the Super-drooper?

Now this is what’s great about Bravissimo – everybody I met at Boob School was immeasurably passionate about their products. Due to the location of the store – heart of Oxford Circus – naturally the demand from customers is high. So when it came to my turn to be fitted Bravissimo’s Head of Stores did mine. You wouldn't get many senior figures in companies taking such an active role! She took one look at my bra and immediately clocked the too small a cup size. Measuring just by sight and without the use of a tape measure the Freya bra which was brought in fitted fabulously. With straps adjusted and my girls now fully encased in their cups I popped my top back on and left a very happy lady indeed.

I came to Boob School a 30E and left a 30F. Graduating with flying colours and no sign of a Quadraboob in sight! Thanks Bravissimo!

For more info head over to the Bravissimo Facebook page (here), check out their website here or head into stores and have yourself a fitting!

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