Sunday, 10 March 2013


I have already professed my love for Bravissimo so when I was invited to their Boob School I was beyond excited. I loved school – folders, fountain pens and coursework – so settling down to learn about boobs for a morning was something I eagerly anticipated. Off I toddled to the Bravissimo flagship near Oxford Circus, London.

Boob School was hosted by a number of Bravissimo’s head honchos and boy do they know their stuff. Bravissimo surveyed 1000 women and came up with some staggering statistics:  

Only 1 in 5 women are extremely confident they are wearing the correct bra size yet 24% of women have never had a bra fitting and 21% of women haven’t been for a fitting for at least 4 years.

Time to look after your girls, ladies! 

I was chatting to Holly from Pepperberry (previously of Bravissimo) and she made a really good point – the fit of the bra depends on the make, the shape, the type. Much like I am a size 8 in M&S and a size 12 in Miss Selfridge, the size of your bra will fit differently depending on which brand you have purchased it from, much like clothes do when purchased from different retailers.

It’s funny how often we refresh our wardrobes and yet neglect what’s going on under our clothes.  Many women are on the holy grail of that last 7lbs and swear they will go for a fitting once the weight is off. The simply magical thing about a correctly fitting bra is that it can drop a dress size for you. I know! How awesome! Forget slaving away at the gym and counting calories – get a bra which fits and let that properly fitted back strap and seamless cups do all the hard work!

To spur you into action here are some pictures of some little known celebs who clearly should have enrolled in Boob School. Or just should’ve stayed indoors.

Meeting Betty Pamper (check her blog out here) and Elena of The Frivolous Mrs D fame (check her blog out here) was also a high point of the day! Those girls rock old school vintage glamour like never before.

Check back for another post about my bra fitting experience with Bravissimo and the fab bra I took home.

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