Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Wardrobe Angel - Ingredient Transparency

Last week marked the start of me trying to give up sugar. It was during a particularly awesome wardrobe clearing session with a client in Wales when we stopped for lunch and ate nowt but health on a plate when my client casually informed me that sugar is more addictive than cocaine AND that it is contained within most packaged food. I was sceptical so when I headed home I decided to check some food packets in the kitchen. Have you seen the amount of stuff it is in?? I don't mind all the cakes and biscuits - that's elementary, Watson - it is supposed to be in those tasty and naughty treats but it is even in BRAN FLAKES! And a packet of stuffing for crying out loud! 
Fervent packet checking done, I started to do some research online about sugar and ingredient transparency and found this cracking article from GlobeScan:

“Many consumers globally believe they have the right to know what products are made of and they want companies to ensure their products are safe and effective,” said Eric Whan, Sustainability Director at GlobeScan.

It got me thinking ( and invoking the writing spirit of Carrie Bradshaw it appears!) about The Wardrobe Angel: what makes me and my business tick -what are my ingredients and am I transparent about them? This post is dedicated to my Mission and my Values. 

My Mission:

"To get people in the UK to make the most out of what they have hanging in their wardrobes whether that's about the clothes they own, the budget they have or discovering their own sense of innate style. I want to make the everyday task of getting dressed one which fills you with confidence rather than dread."

What does "make the most of" mean though? All a bit 'make-do-and-mend' isn't it? Here's how I work - I believe in re-styling, re-imagining and re-selling. Re-styling clothes in new and exciting ways, pairing items with things you hadn't considered, re-imagining existing clothes by getting them altered and given a new lease of life and finally re-selling items which are no longer suitable for you but may be suitable for somebody else. Throw in the cleaning of your wardrobe, general de-cluttering and re-organising and that's The Wardrobe Angel experience. I want clients to get clothing miles by looking after their purchases and re-visiting them like they are a welcomed old-friend, to have wardrobes that work for their lifestyle as well as their personality and to enjoy considered consumption.

I also firmly believe in actively encourage sustainability, upcycling and recycling whilst flying the flag for home-grown talent by supporting British Brands. This blog has been a platform on which I have brought some new and under the radar brands to light and I love it! 

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