Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sugar Free ... I'm trying....

I was updating my Pinterest board Tea and Food when I found loads of Tina Yelle's gorgeous looking food pins which lead me to her healthy blog about sugar-free foods. I have been obsessed with sugar-free for a while now but articles around sugar and it's dangers have been circulating for a while.

Easy Chocolate Avocado Pudding from Tina Yelle A Healthy Baking Blog

Years ago Elle magazine featured an article in the Beauty pages entitled "Kick that sugar habit, sweetie". The main thrust of the piece was that sugar is bad for your complexion: increasing lines, dehydrating your pores and making you age. Me and my sweet tooth though "pah!" and off I went to buy some more Haribo. But when I started running and training for mega miles I started to take a bit more care of my diet which eventually lead me to give up dairy and wheat and now sugar (it is SO HARD though - I have launched myself off the wagon many a time...)

Tina gave up sugar when she was having gall bladder attacks due to an Auto Immune Disorder. Both excessive consumption of sugar and gluten are linked to gall bladder disease so taking her health into her own hands she began to give up sugar. Now Tina is a Mom to 3 boys and they found it hard to adjust to the family's new healthy lifestyle but Tina persevered.

Coconut-Butter Cup from Tina Yelle a Healthy Baking Blog
Tina and I had a Skype chat and this is what I discovered, amongst other things:

  • She has always been a good baker.
  • She did a lot of research before baking for the blog - working with previously unknown substances such as coconut and almond flour.
  • She is now writing a sugar-free cupcake book
Her blog is lovingly designed and easy to navigate and so not preachy preachy in a way that some dietary blogs can be. It is Tina's hard work and passion for a healthier life which permeates through all her recipes. And her journey really isn't about the weight loss - an awesome side effect of giving up sugar nonetheless - it really is about living a healthier life. 

Sugar Free Mango Ice Pops from Tina Yelle A Healthy Baking Blog

Her recipes are easy, simple ways to create foods you already eat without consuming sugar.

Check out her Healthy Baking blog here. Follow her on Twitter here.

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