Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Throwaway Britain - my TV debut on ITV

In January I gave a talk at Manchester WI (click here for more info) about the importance of re-styling and re-imagining clothes to keep them out of landfill:approx 10,000 garments get thrown away every 5 minutes in the UK. 6 months later I had a phone call from ITV asking me to come in for a meeting about the same topic. An ITV researcher had been sitting in the audience at my WI talk and had recommended me. With the help of my trusty and talented seamstress, Laura from Just Sew Perfect (click here for her website), we had a day filming at the awesome Photolink studio (for more info click here) in Manchester with 8 women who wanted to get more wear out of their clothes. 

Styling kit ready and waiting

Lights, camera...ACTION!!
My set for the day. How mega are the chairs??!!!

Lulu Guiness slippers came in handy after 12 hours in heels...

We upcycled, we swapped, we styled. The finished result will be on ITV on Thursday 1st August at 9pm. It's a 1 hour Tonight Special on waste called Throwaway Britain.


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