Monday, 5 August 2013

Batley Graduate Fashion

I was invited to the Batley School of Art (part of Kirklees College, click here for more info) Graduate Fashion Show recently and was blown away by the creativity and sheer awesomeness of some of the designs. As you may know, I can barely sew a button and that's why whenever I have a 'vision' of what I want my clothes to look like I employ the creative (and patient!!) talents of Laura from Just Sew Perfect (click here for more info), so to behold the creations that were gliding up and down the catwalk on Friday night was a real honour.

Here are some of my favourite collections:

FAYE EVANS - the colour clashes were amazing. Made me want to go on holiday!

Love the surprising bow detail on the reverse

ALISON CUTS - It's like she got in my head and made a outfits out of all the styles and colours I love...

LAURA FOX - Get your measuring tape out Laura, I want to order some trousers from you!

How much for the trousers??? I WANT THEM!!!

MELANIE RATCLIFFE -  Whose whole collection was designed with no wastage. Go her!

Bear in mind that:

A) they only had 8 weeks to create the collections! Talented much?!
B) I reeeeaaallly need to learn to take better pictures!

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