Monday, 19 August 2013

Pork Pie Lovin'...

I love a pork pie. When I moved back from Dubai (pretty much a pork free zone - you had to walk through a special door in the supermarket to retrieve any pork products; it felt very naughty) just over 4 years ago I ate a Sainsbury's Melton Mowbray pork pie each day for lunch for 6 months.

No kidding.

And I did the leg work that summer - Asda, M&S, Tesco - I tried them all. Tesco pork pies were far too salty, M&S were insipid, Asda although now much improved, were just rank. So Sainsbury's it was and is still the best. Until I tried Best Pork Pie from Bradley's Bakery. I had met Gillian, the co-owner with husband mark, at a networking event when I first started The Wardrobe Angel but never tried one of her delish pies. Roll on two years I spent a morning at the mothership: Bradley's Bakery (click here for their website).

Bradley's Bakery is a family run business which has been going since 1960 which is a staggering 53 years. Mark's Mum was the original maiden of the pies and Mark took over the business in 1990, "It's all I have ever done since I was 12. I turned down an apprenticeship at British Aerospace to work in the shop and have never wanted to do anything else. I love my job." The pies are all handmade, hand filled and baked on the premises.

The shop employs 9 members of staff: 5 shop staff, 3 bakers and a shop assistant plus Mark and Gill. To keep the business fresh they have branched out into Good Luck pies, birthday pies and even Pork Pie wedding cakes. YUM.

On an average Saturday they sell 300 pies ...300 pies!!!! 
This works out at 1,500 pies in a week! 


Pork Pie AND Pork with Bury Black Pudding. Awesome. 

We wanted to have an outdoor picnic but the alas the Great British Weather was an indoor picnic it was!

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