Saturday, 28 September 2013

Kudos to those thinking BIG when the means are small...

Ellie Good editor of Egg Mag

Hello to Ellie from Egg Mag who I think is doing a splendiferous job in making green and sustainable issues accessible, fun and relevant. Using all her work experience from doing Art & Design Direction for women’s glossy magazines she wanted to buck the trend for ‘must-have items’ and mass consumption and Egg Mag was born. She started Egg Mag in March 2009 as a print magazine then realised online was where it’s at as of July 2011 Egg Mag has been doing its thang on the world wide web ever since.

The criteria for production? A magazine that Ellie and her friends would want to read, with a non-preachy, chatty tone. With over 3,000 unique hits per month Egg Mag is a mash-up of green events, green and ethical fashion and cool products which don’t harm the environment.

So I’m sure the questions on everybody’s lips is - Why call it Egg Mag?

“The name came from when I was setting up the printed mag and I was thinking of names of trees and other natural things, but they all sounded very ‘worthy’ and hippy. I wanted it to sound catchy, quirky and interesting. An egg is a natural thing and is the start of a new life, so it fit the bill well. Mag, obviously because it is a magazine (online now of course). My initials are EG too, so it was kind of a combination of these things that made me choose it.”

What’s next for Egg Mag then? Ellie has hit on a wonderful idea of creating an Egg Mag agency called Egg Makers – a collective of ethical and sustainable businesses which can help other companies who want to become more ethical in their practices. Then there is her on-going Packaging Protest and whispers of an Egg Mag shop as well.

Hoorah! No more sweeping the green issues of the day under the carpet – get your Egg Mag out and get ready to change your world. Kudos for thinking green BIG when the means are small. 

You can read the wonder of Egg Mag: click here 
And tweet Ellie from Egg Mag: click here

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