Sunday, 15 September 2013

Swish Leeds

I love a good clothes swap. And here's why (in numbered format no less):

  1. It keeps clothes out of landfill: We all get bored of our clothes. But the clothes that may (and it pains me to say this, it really does, but it happens 10,000 times every 5 minutes) end up in the bin out of sheer boredom or "can't be arsed" to take to the charity shop can be given a new lease of life when given to somebody else.
  2. Free clothes: The only money you'll spend is the ticket price to get in or buying the cup of tea when you are there. 
  3. Free clothes: Such a good point I made it twice. When it's the end of the month and you are a bit squeezed on the financials front but you really, really, really want some new clothes then these are essentially free! You just need to donate some of the clothes you are bored with/can't fit in to to get the ball rolling.
  4. Takes you outside your comfort zone: You know that zone you get in - it may be jeans, ballet flats and a cardigan. It may be leggings, ballet flats and a long cardigan. That zone is full of little patterns that you repeat...and repeat... and repeat. But throw off the shackles of cardigan-dom! Kick the ballet flats to the curb! Use those lovely, free clothes we talked about (twice) and EXPERIMENT!! Try a jacket, get some high heeled boots! If you don't like them you can swap them again. That's the sheer beauty of clothes swaps!
  5. Networking: Why yes. As a business woman I am always looking for ways to extend my networks. Clothes swaps are a great place to meet other women and bond over a common love/hatred of clothes. You never know who you might meet there.
This month there is cracking clothes swap for you to test the water in: 

SWISH LEEDS on the 19th September in the Corn Exchange in Leeds. 

Accompanied by a DJ and whilst stuffing your face with tasty (free) treats you can swish the night away at this high end event which only costs £20 to attend. 

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