Sunday, 20 October 2013

A client's partner has a few kind words to say...

2 years ago my most gorgeous girlfriend (Ali) made the move to being self-employed. Although we had spent a great deal of time looking at the pros and cons of starting our own business we never really gave much thought how our personal image would be effected. From an early age society tells us what we should wear, whether that be in school or walking down the high street. We enter the world of work and although we have choices the expectation is clear, to look professional you must follow the corporate code. Suits, dresses, black, white & grey and although we all add our own little embellishments here and there no individual breaks the rules.So what happens when you take that away, no dress code… no one telling you what you can and can’t wear? Well, that is when you start thinking about your brand and what your clothes say about you.

Ali works in the learning & development industry and in in front of people on a daily basis, attending meetings and delivering presentations. In each of these circumstances your appearance is key. In meetings you must look business like and professional whilst in presentations you must also look approachable and relaxed. Having spent the last 15 years in a corporate environment makes it hard to get your head around your look and the impact that it has. Especially when someone takes away the rule book.

Enter the Wardrobe Angel!!

When Stephanie arrived Ali was not in a great place, business was slow ( as most new businesses are) and she was struggling to find her identity. The pencil dresses and suits just did not feel right anymore, we had tried shopping for new outfits but nothing seemed to work. Stephanie arrived at around 9am and spent the day with Ali going through her entire wardrobe, putting outfits together and advising her on what cut’s etc. best suit her figure. By the end of the day, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

It is all about colours and cuts. Wear the cuts/neckline’s that compliment your figure and the colours that compliment your skin tones and you are away. Within hours Ali had three or four outfits that were perfect for work, she looked amazing. Colourful, smart, professional and best of all created an impact that matched her values and beliefs.

A few days later and Stephanie had sent us a picture board of styles, colours and suggested outfits along with were to buy them. This made shopping so much easier, being able to understand that certain prints don’t work and that some designers actually specialise in making clothes to compliment your body shape. Seeing Ali looking through the Pepperberry website was like seeing a 6 year old on Christmas morning, a revelation!!

6 months later, I am stood waiting for the 5pm train from London to arrive at Wakefield train station. The train pulls in and I start to scan the platform looking for Ali. Through the hordes of grey and black corporate conformists I spy a splash of unexpected colour.  My jaw drops… walking down the platform in a blue Pepperberry dress that perfectly shows off her hourglass figure wearing a smile that would stop traffic was Ali. 

I cannot recommend the wardrobe angel experience enough. If you are struggling with your style and need help or just want to refresh your wardrobe, Stephanie is the one to call.

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