Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bags of awesomeness from Bagable

Last year I tried downsizing to a Whistles clutch. Great for a night out and a day out but not so great for a client facing day when I have all my bells, whistles and the kitchen sink of wardrobes to carry around. The Zara bag I was using couldn't handle the pressure and the bag straps are somewhere between useless and broken so I was in desperate need of a new season bag when the awesome peeps at Bagable sent me the Fiorelli Chelsea Tote Bag

Delivery was quick and painless (I know some of you are still hesitant about ordering online) and so you know exactly what you are getting the Bagable peeps give you the dimensions of the bag on the website so you can double/triple check your requirements AND you get a return label in case in need to send it back. It comes double wrapped so no danger of any damage, the handles are also protected in transit plus there is even a handy 10% off leaflet for your next order. 



Here's why I love the Fiorelli Chelsea Tote Bag: it is the size perfect for my wallet, phone, Ipad, pen, notebook (I am still in the old school of actually writing things down), diary (see previous parenthesis) plus my trusty lippy, keys, chewing gum...my life is literally in my bag. I've cracked it out already to rave reviews and I love the fact it has two handle options: to crook arm or not to crook arm, that is the question. 

You can order online at www.bagable.co.uk and tweet the bagsters on @BagableLtd. Here's how I styled it all ready for winter: 

You'll find in this blog post for whatever reason, I decided not to look at the camera much. 


Outfit: Silk Shirt from River Island, Necklace from H&M, Coat from Cos, Trousers from Preen, Shoes from ASOS. 

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