Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Jumper jumper on the wall - show me ways to wear you more

So I was at a client's house the other night and got a tad obsessed with a jumper she owned. With the great British weather being so changeable of late a jumper is still the cherry I am popping on the top of my daily outfit cake. So back to the client's jumper. She was wearing it with jeans, I showed her a few more options:

This is THE JUMPER teamed with ....a maxi dress. No? Really? Why yes. The maxi certainly ain't a beach/holiday maxi - there wasn't a beaded tassel or frill in sight. The dress in question was from Whistles and when you buy from Whistles you want to get your wear out of it.

Here's why it works: the monochrome maxi lends itself well to the bold lime-yellow of the jumper and teamed with a bold satchel bag and pointy boots the dress becomes a skirt. There is a simplicity to the outfit in the colour combinations but a striking textual difference (think chunky knit vs. soft cotton vs. leather) which means the eye will rest longer to drink it all in.

Here's the jumper with a sheer shirt underneath it (unworn - you can see the tag still attached just waiting...hoping...wondering in the wardrobe "will I be used?" Why yes, it's time to cut the tags off), a leather pencil skirt and the same accessories. The low scoop of the jumper neckline reveals the sexy sheer shirt but by popping the jumper over the shirt the sheer shirt becomes suitable for the weather (no freezing in the name of fashion here). No coat needed: the jumper does the hard work #bonus.

The leather panelled skirt sings with the bold satchel bag and pointed boots smartening up the jumper and making it suitable work wear.

THE JUMPER gets teamed with 7/8 trousers, ballet flats (note the studs though - more on them later) and a printed shirt.  It's the British equivalent of Parisian chic. Perfect weekend wear/hot second date/city break fodder, this outfit is smart but on-trend and stylish.

Again using the monochrome back drop of the outfit to make the jumper POP, the jumper stands out but the pattern on the shirt keeps the outfit from being dull. Which is the perfect segue into the studs on the shoes I asked you to keep an eye on. The studs and the metal casing on the satchel keep the outfit away from classic/feminine and steer the outfit into cooler territory.

Til next time....x

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