Monday, 31 March 2014

Dog Walking Bingo!

Last week I had the immense pleasure of being a surprise birthday present for a client. The client was a carer who looked after her husband 24/7 and the last thing on her priority list was herself: she ended up wearing the same things all the time because she simply had no time for her. The order of the day was de-clutter, re-style and make her wardrobes more manageable.

Once the client was up out of bed she rarely had time to get changed once the dog had been walked - the day just ran away with itself. A refrain popped up again and again during the day "I'm only popping out to the shops", "I'm only walking the dog", "I'm only pottering around the house." All these activities were being completed in her husband's jumpers (far too oversized) and an old pair of jeans - items which swamped her petite frame and added pounds in excess material. What I wanted to impress upon her were the following:

A) She had great clothes which weren't getting worn. What a waste!!
B) Just because she was "only walking the dog" didn't mean that she had to dress scruffily.
C) Even though her lifestyle had changed and her clothes needed to be more casual, she could still look great: she was still her: her taste, her style, her own person.

With this in mind I selected a colour palette of clothes which she could mix and match at 5am when the dog needed walking and still wear the clothes for the rest of the day. I called it Dog Walking Bingo:

Dog Walking Bingo!

All she needed to do was pick a pair of trousers, a Nike top and a fleece or two (depending on the great British weather!) and head out. To make her outfit more errand-running friendly she just needed to change her shoes and add a scarf or a smarter jacket. Bingo!

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