Monday, 10 March 2014

Kudos to the upcyclers for seeing what others cannot

This month I'm giving Kudos to Michelle Luker the owner and creator behind Interference Design. Michelle takes everyday objects and upcycles them: from bike handlebars to those old Bunsen burners we used in Chemistry many moons ago. 

The pathway to her own business went from a 3D Design course in Manchester, to a 1 year creative business course, to being supported by the now defunct Design Initiative which helped to showcase her work at numerous exhibitions.

Her upcycling career started at uni when she started using discarded objects from skips and things picked up in charity shops for her uni projects. She then moved into working with original materials and the rest is history.

Going since 2004, her products are helpful, quirky and full of wit. She is interested in things that do things – take her Candlebar for instance – the only time I’ve ever seen a candle on a bike part. Oddly enough, looking at it reminds me of Lumiere from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…

Anyway, visit Michelle’s Etsy shop for her range of upcycled products by clicking here and Click here for the Facebook Page – swing by and give Michelle and her upcycled products the thumbs up.

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