Monday, 10 March 2014

Tea, Mabel? Don’t mind if I do…

It’s been well documented on this here blog that I love a tea. And what’s more I love people that are doing cool and interesting stuff with tea. Like Yorkshire Tea’s ad campaign where they took off the grand ol USA and delivered proper tea to the tea-starved Brits over there. That got the thumbs up from me.

What could possibly follow my ode to Manchester’s bright tea light Teacup?  Mabel and Mary’s I do declare. It was recently their 1 year anniversary and man have they had a cracking year! I first spotted them at The Festival of Thrift in their mobile tea shop feeding the hungry hoards that had flocked to the upcycled and recycled festival. 

Look at the choice of Tea! 
Carol, the owner, says “we offer good quality and a choice of tea other than earl grey or peppermint as an unusual tea.” The tea choice Richter scale peaks between do 12 – 14 types (so no surprise there was a huge queue which I heartily joined the back of) and they use local suppliers wherever possible. With a laser like focus on what they are selling, they do oven baked fresh scones (also another personal fave which I scoffed on the day) and really good homemade cake.

Born out of a redundancy package, the original idea was to start a tearoom but with crippling highstreet rates and rents the idea got itself an ice-cream like serving hatch on the side of a unique and memorable van. Starting out at markets and fêtes Mabel and Mary’s presence has snowballed into Christmas light switch-on, outdoor shows and events and being the ‘local’ tearoom on festival camp-sites. They have been invited back to each venue they rocked-up to this year which proves what a unique yet accessible brand they have: quirky, quality products with national appeal.  

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