Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A (male) client has their say...

"So here I am…In the last 2 years I have been made redundant, become director of my own company and after a long wait, received full custody of my 14yr old daughter. As you can imagine, it has been a real time of change. Surprisingly, the biggest challenge has been to discover my brand. I have always dressed for the occasion, I find that I cannot truly relax and be myself if I do not feel comfortable in what I wear. Enter the Wardrobe Angel…How do I combine my love of skating and the outdoors with being a business man? I am turning 40 and I don’t seem to feel comfortable in my style!

Stephanie arrived at my house at 9.30am and over a quick cuppa discussed my homework. Stephanie had put together a Pinterest board for me, containing images of different outfits, styles and fashion tips. I had a good look and gave her some feedback on what I liked and didn't like. This on its own was a great help, the images were of men my age and showed me that “business dress” did not have to be the corporate suit: it could be expressive, comfortable and still look professional. We finished our cuppa and dove into my wardrobe… I was so nervous at this point you would not believe, even though I had given Stephanie permission to be blunt (gulp!).

Stephanie was amazing, kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. We spent the morning going through my clothes with a fine tooth comb, ditching the “strong no’s” and keeping the “definitely’s”. I learned about pattern size, what shirts I should be wearing, textures and best of all accessorising…yes, 40 yr. old men can accessorise! I felt great, better than I had felt in years!! At first I felt a little silly but with some gentle coaching from Stephanie, I started to enjoy myself and get into it.  Stephanie took away all of the “strong no’s” to donate to charity and left me with a wardrobe full of potential and the new me.

Stephanie continues to inspire me by updating my Pinterest board with new suggestions and my gorgeous girlfriend has arranged for Stephanie to be my personal shopper for the day as a birthday present. I can’t wait!! Everyone should experience the Wardrobe Angel and I mean everyone!!"

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