Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pushing my fashion boundaries with Boho

Boho? Bo NO!

I was in a charity shop the other day browsing through the dresses when my hand struck upon a full length Boho inspired maxi dress. Clearly lovingly handmade, the pattern matched at the seams (a sign of proper fit) and the zips were concealed. I turned to my mate, clutching said dress, and said

"I don't know why but all I want to do is waft around in full length maxi dress and wedges."

Ok, a warning bell should've started ringing LOUD then and there. Here's why:

1. I HATE maxi dresses. At a statuesque 5'3" they swamp me. In fact, I SOLD my 2 remaining maxi dresses on eBay earlier this summer.
2. My style has changed rapidly since I started The Wardrobe Angel. I used to conceal my textbook hourglass figure in all manner of oversized shenanigans but now I can't deal with a lot of excess material encasing me, it makes me feel cluttered. I'm all 

"Pencil skirt? Form fitting dress? Why yes! get in my wardrobe."

3. MY LEGS ARE MY BEST FEATURE. Why the chuff would I want to cover them up in a maxi dress that, quite frankly, was a bit wench (empire line, balloon sleeves - you get the picture). 

Image courtesy of The Tudor Shoppe - oh yeah, its real. 

After bidding my puzzled friend adieu, I headed home, put the kettle on and headed into my office. Something wasn't right with my earlier statement to do with the wafting. And shock horror there was the answer lying face up on my desk: I'd been the victim of brainwashing via The Observer magazine. Cripes. 

I did Boho the first time: I distinctly remember my white tiered maxi skirt and hipster belt. Sienna Miller was my early 00's icon and I've still got the cowboy boots to prove it but now my style has shaped into something more dramatic, more fitted and distinctly more vintage. I love the power dressing influences of the 1980's: sharp shoulders, bodycon and strong statement jewellery and it has taken years of hard slog for my style to settle here. To be thrown off kilter by one maxi dress was a pure shock but it just shows how easily you can be influenced by what other people are wearing and what's 'in fashion' when you don't know your own style. This can then lead to a wardrobe full of nothing to wear, a whose who chronology of dead fashion trends that don't represent the true authenticity of you. 

Fashion is wonderful when it pushes your boundaries but when you have a distinct sense of style that stops you buying s**t, you know which boundaries you want pushing and which you don't.

And just an aside - on looking closer at those boots with bits missing - My first thought? 

"Wouldn't your feet get cold wearing them?"

I rest my Boho? Bo No! case.

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