Sunday, 5 October 2014

THE Dress

THE Dress is the dress which you can pull out and it will do for most occasions: weddings, parties christenings. My DVF dress always stood up pretty well in the afore mentioned categories but then Zara came along and trumped DVF. I know - whodda thunk it? - but DVF is a bit short. So tights and boots it is for DVF. And all hail the all-rounder from Zara!

I've become more and more body confidant since starting The Wardrobe Angel and this Zara dress really highlights how far I've come. It's a gorgeous deep navy which doesn't really 'do' anything until you hit my mid thigh. Then along come the frills. I wore it to an engagement party a few weeks ago and styled it with a faux fur wrap, snakeskin clutch and black pointed stilettos. 

Love the movement in the frills!

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  1. Ooh, stunning dress. It's such a lovely 30s/40s cut, it looks amazing on.


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