Friday, 13 February 2015

How to feel #sexy on Valentines Day

With Clintons proclaiming love through cards, florists through roses and M&S hammering their £20 meal deal, you can't ignore Valentines Day sitting on our doorsteps waiting to be invited in for a glass of bubbly and a fistful of chocolates.

How do I feel sexy? I always take a bit more time moisturising after a bath and really enjoy putting on my make-up. I get all my clothes out in advance, thinking about how I want to feel in my clothes, thinking about how they are going to fit over my body. I won't rush out and buy a new outfit just for the occasion but I will have kept something in reserve, something Rich hasn't seen me in before, whether it is a new necklace, a dress or a jacket from a previous shopping trip, so he sees me in a new light that night.

And when he compliments me, I really take it in. 

Compliments are a gift, they have the power to brighten your day. I used to squirm in the face of a compliment. Now I say "thank you."

Staying in on Valentines? I always look to fabrics to see me through. I love the feeling of a silk dressing gown - thoroughly elegant in a way that a towelling one will never be. I love the feeling of freshly ironed, crisp white bed linen as well;a bit of a farce but I love ironing so I win either way!.If we aren't going out for dinner, we'll stay in and cook something super tasty. We exchange cards but we don't really do gifts; I'd much rather Rich make me a brew! That to me is romance!

For me Valentines Day isn't about grand gestures, it is about amplifying what is already there, taking a little extra time to get ready and relishing the experience of being with Rich, even if we are just sitting on the sofa with a brew!

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