Sunday, 8 February 2015

No Longer Shopping for my Wedding Dress

And now the end is here! And so I face the final curtain! Pop open that champers and charge your glasses because, by jove, I've done it!! OH MY DAYS who knew buying a wedding dress was such an emotional experience???

After 4 false starts lucky number 5 is the winner!! When I walked out of the fitting room I wasn't looking at myself in the mirror. I was looking down at the dress thinking - "a bit too long? I'm not sure about this..." My feet were lost in the train of material and to be honest, I wasn't really concentrating on the dress, more concentrating on keeping upright and not being dragged down by the swirls of fabric wrapping round my legs.

Then BOOM. I looked up. Time paused, a moment so slight passed that everything seemed suspended. In that moment a ground swell of emotion started deep in my stomach and rose up until I felt choked with the most incredibly happy feeling. I burst into tears. A thought popped into my head:

"This is the dress I'm going to marry Rich in."

And that was it - my Mum in floods, scrabbling for tissues, me sobbing whilst encased in white. I've never had such a raw emotional reaction to a piece of clothing: I've felt desire when looking at designer pieces that are out of my price range, I've felt a possessive urge for clothing when I'm grabbing something off a sale rack, knowing that it belongs to me and will be going to my wardrobe and not going home with the other sale shoppers around me. But I've never cried over a piece of clothing, not like this.

I'm not going to describe my dress or post pictures until after the big day. After a few messages showing my sister and sister-in-law I've had to delete all photos of it from my phone in case Rich walks in and sees me gazing in marvel at the dress shaped spectacle on the screen. I used to think about our wedding day; see all the guests in the congregation, imagine the food on the plates at the reception, hear the speeches and the laughter but I never imagined my dress. There was the huge gaping chasm in my imagination and for a while that really scared me,

So now a huge sigh of relief has been been sighed. Phew - that's that dealt with!! Now the shoes.....


  1. Aww this is so lovely! I'm so glad you had 'that moment'. I cried too. Since then I've been wondering 'if this is how I feel about the dress, how am I going to cope with the day itself?' Eek - kinda scary but I'm too busy planning to dwell on it at the moment.
    Can't wait to see the photos!

  2. So exciting!!!! Can't wait to read about it! How long until the big day?x

  3. Eeee! I'd not even thought about how I am going to cope with the day itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not until 3rd October so got time to prepare.....


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