Thursday, 19 March 2015

Gusto and The Wardrobe Angel

Apologies to all those #WeddingWednesday fans out there - a nasty spring cold has me under the weather and mainlining Lemsip as we speak! Due to this unexpected cold I had to pull out of an event I was booked to do this evening at the tasty wonderful Gusto in Cookridge, Leeds.

In over 3 years in business, I have never cancelled an event. 

I phoned my business mentor, Dawn, and my close friend, also a Dawn, this morning to talk through the options with them. When you are self-employed there's no manager you can call to phone in sick; you have to weigh the odds.

To the 30+ women who bought tickets to have a stylish chat with me this evening - I am really sorry. The Wardrobe Angel brand is fun and positivity and authenticity. I wouldn't feel any of these values if I was coughing all over you whilst I advised you on what dress to buy for a summer wedding. I hope you enjoy your night regardless.

I hope Kathryn from Gusto will invite me back again soon.

And so back to bed...x

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