Monday, 23 March 2015

The Big Blog Clothes Swap

In January Janet from Words That Can Only Be Your Own and I launched a blogger clothes swap. The results have started rolling in: who has swapped what and what outfits have been created as a result.

With the average wardrobe containing 22 unworn items, clothes swapping is a great way of giving away clothes you no longer wear with the promise of new-to-you clothing turning up to surprise, delight and potentially push your boundaries, fashion wise. 

I was delighted to see the necklace and dress I had swapped turn up on Make, Do and Spend. The necklace I swapped was from Antiform a sustainable label set up in Leeds which now resides in Bristol. Bought to support this amazing brand when Antiform had a pop-up shop in the Corn Exchange in Leeds, the necklace was sadly never worn; the baubles made up of gorgeously soft suede competed with an already buxom chest and it never looked quite right. But styled with a striped tee on the recipient blogger, it looked at home; I was happy to see it being used, finally.

Photo from Make Do and Spend blog

So what did I receive? I came home one afternoon in the pouring rain and noticed a pink parcel sticking out of the shed. It felt like clothing Christmas had come! Inside there was a lovely handwritten note and lots of goodies:
  • H&M cropped cardigan
  • Floral Mac
  • Topshop skirt
  • Topshop dress
  • Hat
  • Belt
I knew immediately which ones were for me and which ones I could pass on (which I did at a clothes swap in aid of Oxfam later that week!) 

As soon as I pulled the Topshop skirt out of the parcel I clapped in glee: electric blue, high waisted, pockets. Just perfect. 

I styled it with an I heart NY t-shirt and some Topshop ankle boots for spring and then with my trusty leopard print blouse and boots for autumn. The skirt is a tulip shape, so a bit tight on the legs for wardrobe sorting but it's a fab piece wear for meetings and networking.

The cardigan, mac, hat and belt were sadly not for me. The mac, though wonderfully constructed, and seemingly waterproof was floral. If there's one thing I don't really 'do' it is florals. The cardigan was super cute but cropped. I've never really gotten on with cropped things so I passed that along at the Oxfam clothes swap as well.

All in all  cracking swap and one that I hope will happen year after year. 

Til next time...x

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