Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Things I'm looking forward to #December

December - you beauty you. Here are my top 5 favourite things shaking my world this month:

1. Getting my oven cleaned. Yep - kitchen shaped WIN right there. Our oven is temperamental to say the least! When a recipe says 35mins at Gas Mark 5 on the middle shelf, in our oven it takes an hour at Gas Mark 9 so high up on the tip top shelf that the food comes out with the top of the oven imprinted on it. I read that getting it cleaned can help with cooking normally so I'm looking forward to experiencing the cooking magic after Oven Cleaning Services Leeds have been round.

2. Boxing Day walk  - clears away the cobwebs and over-indulgence from the day before.

3. Having finger teas - when me and my sister were small our favourite kind of meal was a meal we could eat with our hands. This has continued well into my adult life - fish and chips being my favourite chow down as the chips are just begging to be picked up sans fork. At Christmas there are so many leftovers that are best eaten cold, so why not save on the washing up and eat with your fingers?

4. Elf - how soon is too soon to watch the BEST CHRISTMAS FILM EVER?

5. New Years Eve - time to leave behind everything that didn't work, savour everything that did and step into a brand new year of possibilities and awesomeness.

Til next time...x

The Wardrobe Angel


  1. It's NEVER too early to watch Elf! We started the festive film season with Home Alone last week and I'm planning Elf, A Muppet Christmas Carol, and White Christmas in the next few weeks.


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