Sunday, 7 February 2016

Things I'm looking forward to in #February

Well, 7 days in and I thought - what AM I looking forward to this month...?

1. Pancake Day. Nuff said.

2. Retrospectively my first networking event in London town! I know! This gal took herself off to the bright lights and went to a Hubdot event on the Kings Road. Hubdot is a brand new way of networking built on connections. Instead of the usual "I'm Stephanie, I'm The Wardrobe Angel" intros which go down at most networking events, Hubdot encourages you to connect through storytelling. The event was magical - loads of food for thought and I heard some amazing stories including one from an 85 year old woman who asked us to ...

"remember the value of who you are rather than the value of what you have amassed"

3. The launch of the Bird Board Power Team website. I'm a member of this Power Team and man! This group is powerful. The monthly meet up encourages us members to put on our 'Big Girl Pants' when it comes to business. Check out the Bird Board Twitter account by clicking here. So case is point, I just emailed someone with the words "with all due respect" and sent a piece of work back to them. My big girl pants are ON.

4. I'm going to my mate Sue's house this week for tea AND cake. I am so on board with this.

5. Rich and I have nearly finished decorating. We are 1 sofa, 3 blinds and a couple of lamp fittings away from DONE. The stretch goal is end of Feb. (The more realistic goal is end of March when said sofa will arrive.)

6. Finishing up my "What I bought in the sales" blog post. It's coming!!

Til next time...stay wardrobe happy x

The Wardrobe Angel

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