Thursday, 18 February 2016

What I bought in the sales 2016...

I didn't just buy half a dress....

Between seeing family over the festive period, a few personal shops between Christmas and New Year and lucky wardrobe angel clients using their Christmas Gift Cards, I didn't have the luxury of a full day to go and browse the sales in January like I usually do. Wouldn't change it for the world, however, The Wardrobe Angel business is booming!

Here's what I did pick up in January....

First up -

Midi dress - I have been after a midi dress for ages. I had seen one on the Atterley Road website but with no sizes 6 or 8 left I was left despondent so the search continued. Since getting married last year I have opened myself up to the possibilities of 'big'dresses and the one I found lurking on a sale rack in Banana Republic in Trafford Centre certainly fitted the bill. The store was closing down (boo! They had a great petite section! You will be missed, BR!) but they had 40% off sale prices to sweeten the deal. So the Heritage Dress (below) was picked up for £17.99 down from £110 originally. It is awesome - two deep pockets in the skirt, beautifully cheeky cut away front and constructed in a wonderfully dense cotton.  I need to get it taken in at the sides, and up on the straps, as I have a slightly short torso, but that'll be a £10 outlay at most. I'm going to layer a black cashmere jumper and a leather jacket over it so I don't freeze to death.

It's a massive, full skirted thing of beauty.

Zara Jumpsuit - £14.99 down from £29.99.  All you need are shoes and jewellery to complete a jumpsuit. Wardrobe Win. I find they are great for work - I can be cleaning out a wardrobe on my hands and knees and in that situation a pencil skirt just won't work (believe me, I have made that mistake once or twice...) so I need clothes where there is loads of room for manoeuvre but still look super cool.

Joseph Trousers - I've been upping my wardrobe label game in the past year: MIH jeans, Baum und Pfungarden dress to name 2 pricey but "worth it" items. However, I still bought a fair amount from Zara BUT this love affair was not destined to last. The Zara trousers I bought last year in the sales gave up the ghost in November - bobbled, dye fading at a rate of knots and the stitching coming undone on the hem. I read an article in the Telegraph about what fashion editors wear - mostly navy and mostly Joseph it turns out. So I bit the bullet and headed to Harvey Nicks in Leeds to try on some Joseph goodies and yes, there is a reason why I can see the trousers especially are a favourite with fashion's top women - the FIT. Superbly flattering, fantastic weight of fabric and considered detailing - inset pockets, neat zips and fastenings, basically nothing too bulky. Being my frugal self I went home and ordered some from eBay for a wallet friendly £14.99.

And finally..

Vintage t-shirt - I spend a lot of time advising women and men what to buy and wear. Occasionally I lose sight of what I like to buy and wear so last month I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I feel awesome in: vintage, logo t-shirts and sweatshirts, big necklaces, structured jackets, black, 80's inspired stuff, jumpsuits, fur. Then I hit up eBay to find some gorgeous logo beauties. I found an amazing MTV sweater for the princely sum of £0.99 and bought this super cool t-shirt (above) for £15 from Cow Vintage in Manchester. The t-shirt got an added seal of approval when my 3 year old nephew, Ben, said "that's a cool t-shirt Auntie Stephy." Rock on, Ben!

So mostly basics really! What did you buy in the sales?

Stay wardrobe happy....til next time x

The Wardrobe Angel


  1. Really love the dress, I can see so much potential with that. I didn't really buy a lot in the sales, just one pair of Red or Dead shoes from Schuch.

    1. Thanks! I felt really chuffed to unearth it from the rack! Red or Dead!!! I remember spending a hefty wack of my WHSmiths wages on a pair of Red or Dead beauties around 1997!!


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